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Our Mission

Stimulate greater auditor involvement in improving how public
performance is measured and managed.  More about this project


March 16, 18, & 23, & Sept 21, 23, & 28, 2015: Low Cost Short Online Training Courses

Due to the popularity of our low cost, flexible online courses last year, we are repeating our 2014 3-part eWorkshop series in March 2015, Auditor Roles in Improving Government Performance Management (register for 1, 2, or all 3 online sessions) and adding a new, more specialized 3-part eWorkshop series in September, Auditing Relevance & Reliability of Performance Information.  Both series are presented in cooperation with The ACGA/IIA. See the current training schedule for dates & times of online sessions. Or, for full-length courses brought to your location, see our on-site training optionsMore ...

Winnipeg Auditor Adds Chief Performance Officer to His Auditor Roles

The City Audior of Winnipeg was appointed Chief Performance Officer in addition to his regular audit responsibilities. He has used the roles and practices on this website to help shape Chief Performance Officer activities to ensure decision makers have access to quality performance information and to advise and assist in implementing performance management systems.  More...

Tallahassee Auditor Aids City Performance Measurement & Reporting

Since 2007, the Office of the City Auditor of Tallahasee, Florida, has helped spur important progress, providing an early form of public reporting and assisting city departments in developing “vital signs” performance measures requested by the city’s elected body, the City Commission. More ...

Washington State Auditor Engaged Citizens on Audit Priorities

The Washington State Auditor has engaged citizens on audit priorities through surveys, focus groups, and town hall meetings to ensure citizen priorities are reflected in the performance audits conducted by the State Auditor's Office.  More ...

Performance Data Integrity Audits in Oregon

The State of Oregon conducted a statewide series of performance measure “Integrity Audits,” an initiative designed to assure the reliability of “Key Performance Measures.” The integrity audits help ensure that decision makers have confidence in the data used in performance management, including data used in budgeting and reporting to citizens.  More...

International Recognition: Auditor Roles Keynote Inter-American Conference

On the invitation of the Inter-American Development Bank, a principal of the Auditor Roles Project provided a keynote address on auditors' roles in improving government performance management at a Managing for Results Conference of Superior Audit Institutions of Latin America and the Caribbean region, in Santiago, Chile.

More Examples of Value-added Practices by Government Auditors


Case Histories of Audit Organizations that Change Roles to Increase Their Value